Getting to know The Kromm Team

Homes are where families are raised, memories are made, and where being comfortable can mean anything you want. Home is truly where the heart is. Buying and selling real estate can be a daunting and challenging task that for most people is the single greatest purchase of their lives. I am fortunate enough to get to help people every day with their real estate dreams by guiding them with advice and education through the process of buying and selling.

Having lived in Oregon well over half of my life I would consider myself a native. Before moving to Central Oregon in 2010 my wife and I lived in Tennessee where new home construction was the family business. Personally, working in both fields of construction and selling new homes gives me an advantage when working with my clients. Completion of advanced training courses has earned designations as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) by the National Assn of Realtors. SRES training deals with meeting the needs of maturing Americans when buying, selling, relocating or investing in real estate. ABR courses focus on home buyers’ needs and how to best serve them in the home buying process.

I love Central Oregon and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. My passions include playing and coaching in the local hockey community, spending time on the various rivers and lakes with a fly rod in my hand and of course spending quality time with my wife and two young children.

What is your favorite Central Oregon activity?
As a toddler every summer we took fly-fishing trips down the Deschutes river near Maupin. I was raised fly fishing on that river and I’ve always felt that it was MY river. Sorry, not sorry. Unfortunately for me I moved away when I was 10, so after high school I moved back about as fast as I could to my river. I hand built my own drift boat from scratch and my favorite central Oregon activity is taking my family down the river for overnight camping /fishing trips. Its wild, scenic, full of adventure with whitewater rapids, big fish and tons of fun.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?
Unapologetically…. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I just call it CTC. But I do have a healthy respect for all sugary sweet breakfast cereals.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
My wife and I owned and operated a Coffee Shop back in Nashville TN what seem like a lifetime ago. Plenty of notable celebrities came in from time to time, but probably the most famous was Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They came in a few times and one day Nicole was pregnant and perusing for food at the counter while Keith is sitting down drinking his coffee. She sees something she likes calls to him around the corner and says “ Hey Babe…” So I turn around and say “Yes?” with kind of a smoldering blue steel look on my face. She looked up at me, and it got awkward, but I didn’t care I was laughing on the inside. It not every day you get to hit on Nicole Kidman. HA

Favorite movie?
Top Gun. I can almost quote the entire movie. But more recently, Disney Plus has me pegged. I’m a sucker for Avengers and Star Wars and Pixar.

Spoken Languages: English

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